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Athabasca University


AU offers a wide variety of history courses, with strengths in Europe and North America, but with a growing number of courses on the history of Asia, Africa and Global History. The online undergraduate calendar lists our history courses and provides links to detailed syllabi. Junior history courses usually focus on surveying the major events and themes of a particular place over a period of time.  More senior courses focus on a particular area, period, area or event and examine problems of evidence and interpretation. History students are typically assigned readings from textbooks, samples of writings from the past, the interpretations of scholars, and often other media.  Course materials usually include commentary and activities designed by our course authors to guide students through the material. Course materials are delivered in print, online or in some combination. Assignments usually consist of essays or reports, and often involve some research and creative interpretation. Students have access to print and electronic resources through AU’s library as well as through local partner libraries.

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