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Athabasca University

Dr. Linda Kerr




  • B.A. (University of Calgary)
  • M.A. (University of Calgary)
  • Ph.D. (University of Alberta)


Linda Kerr received her Doctorate in Canadian and Imperial history from the University of Alberta for her study of Quebec in the period of the Conquest with a focus on imperial trade. Before that she received her M.A. in Scottish History for her study of the Darien colony and its economic impact on the Act of Union of 1707. Since then she has written two courses for Athabasca University: HIST 326: Contemporary Canada: Canada after 1945 and HIST 369: History of Canada’s First Nations from 1830. Dr. Kerr also teaches at the University of Alberta where she has won two awards for teaching excellence.

Dr. Kerr is actively engaged in working on Scottish medieval history which has become one of her more recent areas of focus. She has longstanding interests in First Nations history and in modern Canadian history. Dr. Kerr also teaches modern British history, early world history, and Scottish history.

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