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Athabasca University

Dr. Nina Paulovicova

Assistant Professor, History
Centre for Humanities


  • Email:
  • Telephone: 780:440:3488 or 1-833 883-9305 (in North America)
  • Office hours: Wednesday, 1:00 – 2:00 PM (MST)


  • M.A. in History and English (University of Konstantin Philosopher, Nitra, Slovak Republic)
  • Ph.D. in History ( University of Alberta,  Edmonton, Canada)

Specialized Training

  • Certificate: Holocaust studies (The International School for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem)
  • Certificate: International security – NATO (Methodological Centre, Bratislava)


Dr. Nina Paulovicova's area of expertise is Holocaust and genocide studies. Her dissertation titled Grey zone of rescue. Rescue of Slovak Jews 1939 – 1943 opens a debate on the rescue of Jews as a key mechanism in the defiance of authoritarian regimes. Nina Paulovicova has published a monograph in Slovak whose English translation is Jewish Community in the history of Hlohovec (1938 – 1945): The Story through darkness. It broke the silence over the problematic Holocaust past in the targeted milieu of Hlohovec district in Slovakia. During her doctoral program at the University of Alberta, she was awarded a scholarship of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in Canada and the Andrew Steward Memorial Graduate Prize. In winter 2012, Dr. Paulovicova was the first European Holocaust Research Infrastructure postdoctoral fellow of Jewish Museum in Prague, Czech Republic. In 2016/2017, Nina became the founder and director of Slovak Heritage School in Edmonton. Some of her other projects focus on issues of power politics of authoritarian regimes, occupation, rescue, resistance, religion, gender, ethnicity, collective memory and trauma in the Holocaust. Her individual and collaborative works have been presented and published in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, USA, and Canada. Dr. Paulovicova has taught several courses on the topics of World War II; memory of Holocaust, Holodomor, comparative genocide; Nazism and Stalinism. Her lectures and seminars targeted the interaction between the perpetrators and the victims; and the topic was examined against a wide range of themes such as nationalism, race, gender, collaboration, compliance / non-compliance, resistance, and rescue.


Academic profile
Slovak Heritage School profile

Selected Publications


Nina Paulovicova, Jozef Urminsky, “Židovská komunita v dejinách mesta Hlohovec.(1938 – 1945) Príbeh, ktorý prešiel tmou.,” ( “Jewish Community in the history of Hlohovec (1938 -  1945). The Story through darkness.”) (Hlohovec: Občianske združenie Ex Libris Ad Personam Hlohovec, 2009)

Articles and Book Chapters:

“’Invisible’ rescuers of Jews. The case study of housekeepers and maids in World War II Slovakia,” Eduard Nižňanský, Denisa Nešťáková (eds.), Women and World War II, (Bratislava, 2016)

The ‘Unmasterable Past’?  Slovaks and the Holocaust. The Reception of the Holocaust in Post-communist Slovakia,” Joanna Michlic, John-Paul Himka,(eds.), Bringing the Dark Past to Light. The Reception of the Holocaust in Post-Communist Europe, (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2013), 549-590.

“Protižidovské sankcie v hospodárskej sfére na úrovni mesta Hlohovec,” Acta historica posoniensia XII Judaica et Holocaustica 2, (Katedra všeobecných dejín FF UK a Dokumentačné stredisko holokaustu, Bratislava 2009).

Her way among the higher things. Scrutinizing female agency in the 19th century Slovak National Revivalism.” Arnold Suppan, Richard Lein (eds.), Europa Orientalis, Vol.7, (Vienna:  LIT Verlag, 2009), pp. 207 – 230.

“Pokus o komparáciu monografie Ivana Kamenca Po stopách tragédie s niektorými významnými dielami štúdia holokaustu v zahraničí,” Edita Ivančíková (ed.), Z dejín demokratického a  totalitného režimu na Slovensku a v Československu v 20. storočí. Historik Ivan KAMENEC 70-ročný. (Bratislava: HU SAV, Prodama sro., 2008), 18 - 29.

Recent Conferences and Public Presentations

“Justice never accomplished. Failure of Canada to prosecute World War II criminals.” Paper presented at the conference: Policy of anti-Semitism and Holocaust during post-war retribution trials in European states. The Museum of the Slovak national uprising in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, Sept 6 – 9 2016.

“Examining genocide through the lens of rescue discourse in post-communist Slovakia.” Paper presented at the conference: Understanding Atrocities. Remembering, representing and Teaching Genocide. Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB, Canada, February 19 – 21, 2014

Nicky’s Family. Presented at the House of Justice, Beth Tzedek Congretation, Edmonton, Canada: Movie/Lecture series, November 17, 2013.

Shanghai Ghetto. Presented at the House of Justice, Beth Tzedek Congregation, Edmonton, Canada: Movie/Lecture series, May 5, 2013.

"The Silenced Phenomenon of Cross-National Rescue: 'Leaking Border' and Paid Smugglers," The paper presented at the Second International Graduate Students’ Conference on Holocaust and Genocide Studies. The Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University. March 29 – April 1 2012.

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