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Dr. Rod Martin




Dr. Martin joined Athabasca University and the Centre for State and Legal Studies as a Criminal Justice Studies tutor (CRJS 425 – White-Collar Crime) in June 2005. He also tutors History 224 (Pre-Confederation Canada) and History 225 (Post Confederation Canada) in the Centre for State and Legal Studies. In Calgary, he lectures at Mount Royal University and has taught History 1131 – Pre-Confederation Canada, History 1133 Post Confederation Canada, History 2228 – Alberta: Past and Present, History 2232 – Canadian Social History, History 2247 – Western Canada, History 3345 – First Nations in Canada, Canadian Studies 1131 – Introduction to Canadian Studies and Canadian Studies 2233 – Canada in Comparative and International Perspective. Previously, he taught legal history HIST 475 – History of Crime and Criminal Justice in Canada at the University of Calgary. Dr. Martin's primary research interests are Canadian and legal history, which includes policing, the legal profession and the judiciary. He is currently researching and working on the judicial biography of Samuel Benfield Steele and a revised manuscript of the History of Crime and Criminal Justice in Canada.


Dr. Martin has presented scholarly papers on his work at a number of national and international conferences, and he has several publications and book reviews.

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Martin, R. (2005). "The common law and the supreme court of the North-West Territories, 1887-1907." In Laws and Societies in the Canadian North-West Territories and Prairie Provinces, 1670-1940. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.

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Prior to his academic career, Dr. Martin spent 25 years in and retired from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the last ten of which were in the Commercial Crime Section.

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